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Ambition and balance are not opposites, they are partners to build a Marathon Mindset, with Varun’s Slow Hustle Method.

Learn the Principles, Tools and Systems to navigate change, drive growth and inspire excellence as a Founder and Business Leader.

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The Slow Hustle method

Slow hustle is a set of systems that you can adopt in your life to find balance while embracing the hustle that comes with working towards your ambition and eventual success.



Energy management for a Marathon Mindset



Unlocking your Zone of Genius for Long-term Growth



Grow your Circle Of Influence to build cultural intelligence as a Leader



Power your path to Wealth & Progress through the Four pillars of Success

About Varun

About Varun

Varun believes that human beings need to be brought back to the centre of the way we work to inspire higher performance, deeper purpose & sustainable profit.

He spent 14 years as a successful founder building one of India’s most influential creative companies, scaling it from two people in an apartment to a multimillion-dollar global business while balancing commerce, culture, and character. This led to one of the most significant exits in its category!  


He's also spent years as one of India's premier Conversationalists, having conversations with seasoned founders, artists and thought leaders while stealth-coaching other founders, business leaders and artists in all he’s learned. His systematic framework for building profitable businesses while staying true to one’s purpose and passion is what he calls The Slow Hustle Method. 


Start your Journey

1:1 Coaching

 Actionable 1:1 coaching sessions with Varun. 

( Limited slots)


Accelerate your learning curve through LIVE & interactive Workshops

( Twice a month)

Corporate Keynotes & Bootcamps

Curated learning & engagement sessions for your team built around your needs and goals as a business.


14 day condensed and action oriented learning experiences

Take aPause -
The Slow Hustle Podcast 

Actionable Insights & Inspiring conversations on Work, Well-being & Wealth to learn from and use  in your Career & Life.

Listen and watch now


#1 Bestseller - "Everything is Out of Syllabus" 

Varun Duggirala has survived and thrived in a system that throws curveballs at us without the tools to actually overcome them. In Everything Is Out of Syllabus, he offers answers to some poignant questions we grapple with about work and life. Most importantly, he tells readers of the skills one needs to master to live a more fulfilled life that is optimized for happiness.

Full of anecdotal wisdom, this book is partly funny, mostly reflective, and completely authentic. It’s a must-read for anyone who is trying to understand life and figure out their own roadmap to navigate it.

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